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The Maya Civilisation Unit Pack - Year 5 & 6 History

Twitter Facebook Rss Tumblr. The Materials You Need Tooltip of materials. Standards Tooltip of standarts. Gather students in a circle, before reading the book begin by asking questions to introduce this unit. Teacher my consider asking:. Then continue the discussion by reading to the students about the Mayan culture. At this point you may want to play soft flue-like music. Stop every so often to recap. Ask students questions about important facts and what was just read.

Ask students to discuss in groups why they think the Mayan civilization became extinct.

Activities: 60 min. Allow students to write out their name using these hieroglyphics. This should give them some practice. In the same pairs allow students to complete their K-W-L chart. Students should collaborate on what they K know, W what they would like to find out, and what they have L learned. This activity provides cooperative learning which can help students learn from their peers. Student should provide an accurate representation of names given, and a completed K-W-L chart. Lesson Extension. Students may take the worksheet of the Mayan alphabet home and write out the name of each family member.

Durbin, Marshall E. An interpretation of Bishop Diego de Landa's Maya alphabet. Levchuck , Caroline M. Kids during the time of the Maya. Online source retrieved Oct. Lesson 2. Location of Mayan Civilization. Begin this lesson by asking students to point out continents and countries on the globe. Continue by reminding the students about the Mayan culture. Ask students if they can recall where the Mayans lived, if they can name the surrounding bodies of water, continents, countries, and major rivers.

At this point show students a larger map which focuses on southern Mexico and Central America. Show students the various locations of the Mayan people.

Give students individual maps with such information maps of Mayan civilization may be found in classroom textbook. Activities: 90 min. On a blank map handout allow students to label bodies of water, continents, countries, mountains, major rivers and Mayan civilizations. Assessment will be compromised of both informal and formal assessment. Formal assessment will consist of a selected response more like fill in the label on the blank map because students will need to label the blank map with details such as bodies of water, continents, countries, mountains, major rivers and Mayan civilizations.

Students can choose a Mayan city and draw a typical Mayan temple or home. Sharer, Robert J. Lesson 3. Mayan Number System.

Mayan calendar

Anticipatory Set: 55 min. Introduce this lesson by asking the students the various ways to write numbers. They may come up with; using their fingers, tally marks etc. Tell students that not all people use the same number system we have. They may recall that the Mayans had a different alphabet and today we will learn that they also had a different number system. Show students the poster board of the Mayan numbers.

Ask them if they can guess the numbers on the poster board. Afterwards point to the numbers and have students count out loud.

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Teacher can explain that Mayans used a system of bars and dots for counting. Example of Poster board:. Ask students to copy the Mayan numbers. Give students plenty of time. Demonstrate how to add or subtract the numbers.

The Mayan Empire

Write some problems on the board and allow students to write out the answer. After students have practice the Mayan number system or at the end of the unit give students a selected response test. Although performance assessment and personal communication can also be used during lesson instruction and class time. Bazin , Maurice.

Ceramic Vessel. TLW be able to illustrate a Mayan vessel. TLW be able to depict Mayan hieroglyphics on the vessel.

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Basic ceramic tools. The Calhoun School, NY. Rarely do I ever use pre-created activities because they are either too low-level, not relevant to our state standards, or not interesting enough to grab a 7th graders' attention. This is the first time in my 10 years of teaching that I did not have to "recreate the wheel" for a novel. These are the types of questions that always keep the students interested in the reading.

Alisa Bowling, 7th Grade Teacher. What teachers have said The lesson plans in action.

Messalonksi Middle school's school wide Maya unit.