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O that we would live a life to love Christ Jesus more than the life we live. I'm sure this will warm your heart; it is good Puritan fire: [b]Is Jesus Christ altogether lovely?

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Then I beseech you set your souls upon this lovely Jesus. Away with those empty nothings, away with this vain deceitful world, which deserves not the thousandth part of the love you give it. Let all stand aside and give way to Christ.

O if only you knew his worth and excellency, what he is in himself, what he has done for you, and deserved from you, you would need no arguments of mine to persuade you to love him! Esteem nothing lovely except as it is enjoyed in Christ, or used for the sake of Christ. Love nothing for itself, love nothing separate from Jesus Christ. In two things we all sin in love of created things. We sin in the excess of our affections, loving them above the proper value of mere created things. We also sin in the inordinacy of our affections, that is to say we give our love for created things a priority it should never have.

Let us all be humbled for the corruption of our hearts that are so eager in their affections for vanities and trifles and so hard to be persuaded to the love of Christ, who is altogether lovely. O how many pour out streams of love and delight upon the vain and empty created thing; while no arguments can draw forth one drop of love from their stubborn and unbelieving hearts to Jesus Christ! I have read of one Joannes Mollius, who was observed to go often alone, and weep bitterly; and being pressed by a friend to know the cause of his troubles, said "O!

Is he altogether lovely?

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Let all the world see and know that he is so, by your delights in him and communion with him; zeal for him, and readiness to part with any other lovely thing upon his account. Proclaim his excellencies to the world, as the spouse did in these verses. Persuade them how much your beloved is better than any other beloved. Show his glorious excellencies as you speak of him; hold him forth to others, as he is in himself: altogether lovely.

See that you "walk worthy of him unto all well pleasing," Col. Let not that "worthy name be blasphemed through you," James He is glorious in himself, and he is sure to put glory upon you; take heed that you do not put shame and dishonours upon him; he has committed his honour to you, do not betray that trust.

Never be ashamed to be counted as a Christian: he is altogether lovely; he can never be a shame to you; it will be your great sin to be ashamed of him.

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Some men glory in their shame; do not let yourself be ashamed of your glory. If you will be ashamed of Christ now, he will be ashamed of you when he shall appear in his own glory, and the glory of all his holy angels. Be ashamed of nothing but sin; and among other sins, be ashamed especially for this sin, that you have no more love for him who is altogether lovely. Be willing to leave every thing that is lovely upon earth, in order that you may be with the altogether lovely Lord Jesus Christ in heaven.

Lift up your voices with the bride, Rev. Let the loveliness of Christ draw all men to him. Is loveliness in the creature so attractive?

Altogether Lovely

And can the transcendent loveliness of Christ draw none? O the blindness of man! Add to Favorites MyChurch. Mobile Apps Info. Enjoy sermons from this broadcaster on a variety of mobile devices. Precious message! Play Audio! Play 16kbps MP3. Easy Link:. Email To. QR Code. Click here to follow the external link. A precious sermon on the wondrous loveliness of Jesus! Text-Featuring a sermon is a less expensive way to bring this sermon to the attention of thousands on the right bar with optional newsletter inclusion. Convert a selected clip from one of your sermons into an animated video creatively styled with strong, visual elements in bold typography.

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Click left for an example. Learn more Create PowerClip! My hiding place! Christ, the Head of the Church. User Comments 2 Speaker Info. If you were blessed by this message, please email the broadcaster add a comment Add Comment. Isn't it amazing that we can fellowship with brothers who lived hundreds of years ago?

He has a broad appeal. As He is lifted up He draws all manner of people unto Himself.

He Is Altogether Lovely

Our Altogether Lovely Savior, how our hearts adore You. We long forever, to behold Your Beauty for all our days, and to lie in Your embrace for all eternity.

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