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He suggested bringing in a panel with people representing different professions to discuss what professional clothing means in their workplaces. BOE members stressed that updating the dress code would not just be about changing the list of acceptable clothing. The presentation that the administration presented to the BOE Tuesday outlined the steps the district will take, and has already taken, to address the issues that surround dress code. All staff, according to the presentation, participated in a sexual harassment training at the beginning of the year.

The district has scheduled multiple workshops on the dress code and its implementation.

Kaplan said that after the board passes a new dress code policy, it will then adopt new regulations about how faculty are supposed to enforce it. A dress code, said Perez-Cabello, should focus on safety. Teachers need to be able to identify students in order to keep the school safe.

That means students need to keep their heads uncovered. Religious headwear, of course, is the exception. Nonetheless, he said he hopes to present a new policy to the board by the end of the calendar year. Your Email:. Message: Sent: Nov 23, pm. Black girls are disciplined more harshly in school.

Dress codes play a big role.

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Black girls are often disciplined more harshly in school than their white peers, and dress codes seem to be part of the problem. Some schools also shame girls by forcing them to put on extra clothes that call attention to a violation, or punish them by pulling them out of class or sending them home, affecting their ability to learn in school.

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The new report is part of a growing body of research that shows that black girls are punished more severely in school than girls of other races. That goes for boys and girls.

If you have a dress code; it should apply to both boys and girls and be enforced. Sign a waiver and let your kid break their neck on the stairs.

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Wearing lounge pants and pajamas to school shows how little that students care for the impressions that they make. Dress for success. Students act the way they dress. That much seems obvious.

Dress Code

Changes in dress codes are dismissed as either unimportant or empty gestures, i. We might easily conclude that there is no direct connection between innovation and creativity, on the one hand, and the way people dress, on the other. However, as I looked around the room during the digital transformation presentation, I was not so sure that we should reject the importance of how we dress on how we think and behave.

Our clothes affect each of us very profoundly.

The clothes we wear give us the freedom and confidence to see and do certain things or, in other situations, not to see or do certain things. Another obvious example would be the impact of the environment. The layout of a building and the organization of rooms, for example, similarly affect how we think and behave. The clothes that we wear and the spaces where we work are an integral part of the unique culture of an organization, community or other social groups.

They play an essential role in defining how we see ourselves and how we see the world. They are an important source of action and interaction. And, as such, they do matter. The standardization of clothing functioned as a soft constraint on the willingness of participants to express a contrary view. But, by and large, suits really were suits. They limited the choices that were available to us and kept us in our defined place. Today, the introduction of choice has created the possibility of greater freedom and personal expression.

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Most obviously, expressing an opinion. But, more generally, a new degree of creativity and innovation is made possible. In the new world that is emerging around us, a premium is put on creativity and innovation. After all, this new world is all about openness, inclusivity, and flatter peer-to-peer transactions and interactions. It has become as irrelevant as your place in the hierarchy. I believe the speaker was right to say that the digital transformation was visible in the room.

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