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This has multiple applications, as Mr. Ortner goes on to explain, including aid with anxiety relief, stress relief, and even help for those days that don't go right. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to reduce the stress in their life and re-wire their brain. In this book about the effect of thoughts and belief on the body's cells, Dr. Lipton compellingly shows the science of positivity.

A fascinating and encouraging read for teens and above, this book encourages positive thinking for all. The case Dr. Lipton makes, backed by his own research, is "the more we put happiness into our thoughts, the more happiness our bodies experience", meaning release of positive chemicals, less stress, and better healing. This is an important book that encourages positive thinkers and those working to change their thinking.

This is because as Mr.

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Lipton says, positivity heals. If there was one word to describe this book it would definitely be "yuck". It's like when Squiduard took over Spongebob's shift for a day and instead of a krabby patty he fried a boot. It has absolutely no plot. A classic piece of literature, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a wonderful depiction of life along the Mississippi river and times past.

Huckleberry Finn is a wild, adventurous, and self-sufficient young man who finds his way along the river with an escaped slave. Stealing, superstitions, and deception all describe the journey Huck Finn and Jim take together. They encounter rivaling families, con artists, and Tom Sawyer in their attempt to get north. Mark Twain paints a vivid picture of life in the South with slavery in a way that shows that not everyone believed the same thing. A truly fun and interesting story, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a book that will interest even the most disinterested reader.

Fahrenheit is a classic book that most people have heard the title of. The people of this future have an intake of mindless media that even surpasses that of us currently. The main character is a firefighter but different from what we are used to. These firefighters fight with fire, burning houses and books if they are found since they are against the law. Fahrenheit is a spooky prediction of what the future will hold and after reading it, I can already see us as a society heading on this path. A truly incredible read, Fahrenheit is a novel that cannot be missed.

The Gilded Wolves is an excellent adventure-mystery novel set in an alternate Paris that details the adventures of a team of misfits as they perform heists in an attempt to reclaim things they had lost. Each character is represented in the book with chapters from their perspective. The storyline of this novel is very interesting and keeps you hooked with the mystery and suspense.

This novel is incredibly enjoyable and I would highly suggest it. The Girl in the Photo is of the mystery genre but nowhere in this book could I find anything mysterious. From the beginning of the book I wanted to throw it out the window. The writing is so overdramatized and so typical hollywood highschool that nothing in it could be called suspenseful. I would not wish this book on anyone.

Amber Dusk is an interesting book about a girl trying to find her place in the world and coming out with more than she bargained for. In a world of magic and deception, the main character struggles in an effort to find where she belongs. Most of the book was very stagnant and slow, repeating the day to day of the main character. The first installment of Ranger's Apprentice, the Ruins of Gorlan, is a fantasy-based book telling the story of a young orphaned boy, Will.

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Living in the Kingdom of Araluen, Will grows up in the time of a coming war. His journey starts once he is assigned to his job in the Kingdom, to which he will later become one of the most renowned and powerful characters. As a start to a large series, the Ruins of Gorlan is a perfect set-up to the characters and plot. It introduces characters in a unique standpoint, without rushing to develop each character in the start. Will is a relatable protagonist to the audience, where he is equally balanced in regards to strengths and weaknesses.

One aspect that is most enjoyable is the successful combination with fantasy into medieval times. PPLD Home. Skip to main content. Ruth Holley Library will be closed Nov. Library Cards Policy Contact. Search this site.

Thorne Investigates: Double Negative by John Penn, Audio drama, Crime Thriller

Review Crew - book reviews by teens, for teens. Travel True Crime. The Unexpected Everythign.

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Matson, Morgan. Review: The Unexpected Everything, by author Morgan Matson, is a novel with an underlying that sometimes life doesn't go as planned, but that's okay; sometimes even the unexpected things are the best and most enjoyable things you ever experience. Genres: Fiction , Contemporary , Romance. Inside Out and Back Again. Lai, Thanhha. Review: Inside Out and Back Again is a historical drama all told in poems. Reviewer Grade: 8. Killer Cocktail.

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Kiely, Tracy. Reviewer Grade: 7. Genres: Mystery. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Foer, Jonathan Safran. Genres: Fiction , Contemporary , Historical. The Help. Stockett, Kathryn. Genres: Fiction , Historical. The Odyssey. Review: The Odyssey is an epic poem written by Homer, and it is a literary classic about two great quests.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Rowling, J. Review: To all readers wondering what happens after Harry leaves Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child gives an interesting take on the idea. Genres: Fiction , Fantasy.

The Terrifying Books That Scared These 15 Thriller, Horror, And True Crime Authors

To Kill a Mockingbird. Lee, Harper. Review: This is a story that beautifully represents society in a way few novels can. Genres: Fiction , Classics , Historical , Literature. The Honeymoon Effect. Lipton, Bruce H. Evans, Janet. Genres: Nonfiction , Spirituality. Grout, Pam. Review: E2 is a book about the fusion of the common wisdom of positive thinking with modern-day science. The Tapping Solution. Ortner, Nick. Review: In his book "The Tapping Solution", Nick Ortner introduces readers to a valuable tool for, as he says, "stress-free living".

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