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Archives RSS. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. When she cocks her head just so, or even when she sighs in her sleep and drools all over the couch, I can deny her nothing. I tell myself it's because she was living in a shelter when we met and that the first year of her life was probably spent in Dickensian misery, but the truth is, I doubt I would feel much differently if I'd brought her home as an eight-week-old puppy.

In short, I am just the sort of sucker who would purchase DogTV. You might think that its programming would be exclusively reruns of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin and a few movies like Old Yeller in which the dog dies at the end, but you would be wrong. The programming on DogTV is intended to appeal to dogs and keep them company and stimulate their minds while their callous humans are away at work.

Naturally, since Abby favors me with her most heartbreaking gaze every morning as I leave for the office, I had to see what the fuss was about. To be honest, she's never been much of a TV watcher—the last thing I recall her watching with any interest was the World Series she's a native Missourian , and she actually turned her tail toward the television the one time I tried to get her to watch the Westminster Dog Show. Also, as I learned from reading Alexandra Horowitz's excellent book Inside of a Dog , it's actually hard for her to watch TV since her mind processes images much more quickly than mine does.

Instead of seeing moving images, she sees pictures separated by blackness. And the TV doesn't smell like anything besides a TV, so how can the pictures on it be real? Aimee Levitt Abby watching the World Series. The masterminds of DogTV insist that digital technology minimizes the flicker problem and that dogs see high-definition TV the same way humans do.

They can't do anything about the smell, but maybe Smell-O-Vision will someday be revived. It was a dismal failure. The picture was small and the sound was tinny, but most of all, she didn't understand that she was now expected to look at what she normally considers her main rival for my attention. So we switched to Roku and the big TV screen. DogTV has three main components: relaxation, stimulation, and exposure.

The relaxation segments feature films of sunrises or deep space RIP Laika or horses, goats, and dogs frolicking in bucolic settings while soothing music plays. Stimulation shows children brandishing squeaky toys and dots bopping around the screen, sort of like when you shoot a laser pointer around the room. And exposure, by far the most annoying to me, anyway , is a dog's-eye view of children at play and sharing banal confidences, like their middle names. It is, apparently, supposed to accustom dogs to life with the little darlings. Watching DogTV is soothing, in a boring sort of way, sort of like television intended for very small children.

And, in fact, when I described DogTV to the mother of one of Abby's dearest friends, a two-and-a-half-year-old named Bea, she agreed it was just the sort of thing Bea would enjoy. Unfortunately, Abby and Bea now live too far apart to be able to watch together. In an introductory video , an extremely uncomfortable-looking Dr. Nicholas Dodman advises humans and dogs to watch DogTV together at first until the dogs get used to it, and warns humans that dogs don't turn into little couch potatoes the way we do. The DogTV website suggested playtime before TV time to calm the dog down; accordingly, we spent part of the afternoon at the dog park.

Nonetheless, it took less than a minute after we sat down before Abby began hunting for one of her toys so we could play tug. When I told her to settle down and watch, she curled up and went to sleep. Over several days of watching, I saw her respond only a few times and only to sounds. She seemed intrigued by a segment featuring a little girl whining, "Come play with me, doggy," over and over while honking a squeaky toy.

But the little girl lost her when she started saying, "Good boy. I wish I could turn back the clock and have her still here w me and all of her loved ones, and her sweet kitty cat, Miss Kitty.

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I love and miss you, my beautiful Angel, and you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I am grateful for the love you gave me and all of our special memories. Jeannine, Maggie, and Thurman misses you, too. I'm trusting you found happiness in Heaven, and have been reunited with your loved ones there, like your parents, Betty and Bill, and other loved family and friends.

I'm glad you're not in physical pain and no longer need doctors visits.

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Please know how much I will forever love and miss you, mega-infinite. God bless you until we are reunited again. All my love.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Angel, Tommie. It has been so sad and painful here without you, and I miss everything about you every day. You are in my heart and thoughts always, and I still cannot help crying and wishing you were still here with me and your many loved ones. I'm sure you are an A-Plus Angel, and I'm glad you aren't in physical pain anymore. I just wish we had more time like we wanted and planned. I miss our nearly daily phone calls until we could see each other, hearing your sweet voice and laugh. Please know that you will never be forgotten and forever cherished and loved by me, Mega-Infinite, like we would always tell each other.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, Darby Girl. I will always remember Tommie with love and for her steadfast unwavering loyalty, friendship and kindness. Her presence did make a difference in this world and her memory will live on through her many generous deeds. I love you.

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I miss you more than words and tears. You have been the best friend anyone could ever hope to have on earth. You with your flawless heart of gold and lil pixie sized self. I thought we were going to grow into old ladies on the porch together I know that when I say this you are telling me "we already are old you just don't know it Ruth" cuz I hear your voice everytime I think it. My memories are many and I treasure each one of love and fun and joy and crazy ones too but mostly I feel love everytime I think of you and I always will I am not alone in the world ever I take you with me.

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I love you Tommie. Tommie was a welcomed and cherished addition to our small phoenix community. Holidays will not be the same without her. She was a very warm person, kind, tolerant and intelligent. She had a wonderful family in Phoenix who meant the world to her and are wonderful people in their own right.

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  5. To me she was a fixture in my life. Her passing is hard because she still took enjoyment from family, friends and life, despite her many challenges. When she left so suddenly, I am sure she took her sense of humor and adventure with her. I am sure she has left parts of herself in each of us and for that we are all blessed.

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    I would like to thank the family for their kindness and strength and love toward one another and toward me since Tommie's passing. It was always our very special place. We loved doing everything together especially: golf, going to thrift stores for fun, watching old movies, taking naps or Meditating , road trips, travel, playing with our Cairn Terrier dogs Blondie and Maximiliano Max , enjoying Mexican food places and dives, having our special dances and hugs, laughing and making our silly jokes, being with family and friends, and so much more.

    She was my love, life, wife, playmate, BFF, Angel here on Earth, mentor, my darling-baby Darby , and simply everything to me anyone could ever hope for, dream of, or imagine to find and treasure in their Soul Mate. I will truly miss her beyond words and tears, but I am Eternally grateful for the memories we were given, shared, or she gave me, even though we still had so many adventures and plans still yet to do and that we were actually making.

    Our true love never faded and became especially more precious and priceless since Tommie and I both survived Cancer. Tommie's face and smile radiated playing with Maggie and Thurman. She was the Cairn Terrier Whisperer, and they loved crawling on her and giving her kisses while she was in her chair. Her being and essence always filled my heart.