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This is a great guide for someone like me!

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Thanks for commenting Kate. But, if you can, please add the Crowdfire to this too. It is one of the best Twitter tools. I should give credit to Crowdfire and Tweepi for doing that. Congratulations on k followers!

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Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. You'll also receive our Email Newsletter with my best tips and strategies for building a successful online business! Chapter 1. What to Tweet.

Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 5. Get More Followers. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Twitter Tools. Chapter 1 What to Tweet. That starts with working out who your Twitter account is aimed at.

Do you want to find new customers? Or do you want to make new contacts in your industry? Once you know who your audience is, you need to deliver value to them with your tweets. Tweet News You keep up with the news and developments in your field, right? Announce Special Offers Reward your followers for their attention, by giving them special offers on Twitter. Show Behind the Scenes People know the public face of your brand.

Use Images in your Tweets Images are critical to success on Twitter. Pixabay Another great source of high quality images that you can use freely. Flickr CC0 The popular photo sharing site Flickr can be a great source of images to tweet — provided you use it correctly. So what is the perfect length for a tweet — and how does tweet length affect engagement?

Research by Dan Zarella showed that tweets that include links perform best between — characters.

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Tweet a Controversial Quote From Your Article Rather than just tweeting your article title, scan through it, looking for an interesting or controversial quote. Add a Call to Action Online Marketers know that telling someone exactly what you want them to do is the best way to get them to do it. It takes no time at all, and your followers will definitely appreciate your recommendations. So how do you increase the number of people clicking your link? Chapter 2 Use Twitter Analytics. Twitter provides analytics for your tweets, so you can see how people are reacting to them.

Use Twitter analytics to see which of your tweets are getting the most engagement. Analyse these tweets to see what makes them different. Then write more tweets like those. Click To Tweet That will be a big step towards growing your Twitter following, and the amount of traffic you get from Twitter. Chapter 3 Working with Twitter.

This chapter has some great ideas to help you use Twitter and its features more effectively.

You can create your own Twitter Lists, or subscribe to lists created by others. You need to spend time listening to your customers and potential customers too. What are people looking for? What are their problems and frustrations with existing products? What are they saying about your competitors? Are they having any customer service issues?

What are people saying about your company and your products? People: From these accounts: Tweets sent from the accounts you enter here. Search Twitter Like a Pro Here are some great ideas for using Twitter search operators in your business: Add a space and a question mark to your search to find tweets that are asking questions.

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Using a Link Shortener will help you save vital characters — and if you pick the right one, it can do a lot more: There are lots of Link Shorteners to choose from — and the good ones will give you analytics showing how often the link has been clicked. Here are some Link Shorteners worth checking out: Bit. Alternatively, search for your Company Name or Product Names, or search for your domain name. You can also search for your Twitter username without the. See All Shortcuts. One of the best ways to get more out of Twitter is simply to get your tweets seen more often.

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And the short answer is — It depends on how much you have to say. So — how often? Aim for a minimum of 5 tweets per day — 1 to your own website, and 4 others. Send Tweets More than Once Most people have so many tweets coming in every day, they only see a fraction of them, and that means if you only tweet something once, most of your followers will probably miss it.

If so, why not pin it to the top of your feed? But which request works better? And how much difference does it make anyway? Chapter 5 Get More Followers. Adding hashtags to your tweets is a great way to reach new people. Twitter shows trending hashtags on the left hand side of the screen. Using one of the trending hashtags in your tweet will help you reach a lot of people. You need to join in the conversation. Keep an eye on the current trends and look for opportunities to join the conversation.